Chia Coloured Coins/Tokens are Now Called CAT’s

Chia's token naming standard has changed to reflect more in line with its purpose.

Chia Network have decided to change the naming standards of the tokens that will be created on the Chia Blockchain. In future, tokens will be named CAT which stands for “Chia Asset Token”

There may be different levels which start at CAT1, CAT1.1 and so on etc.

Chia Asset Tokens are essentially the opposite of NFT’s. NFT stands for “Non Fungible Token” these tokens do not hold any asset value.

CAT’s are tokens that use the Chia Blockchain infrastructure. A Chia CAT Coin would be an asset coin and hold asset value. Chia describes it as “a divisible and fungible token”.

At the moment only CAT1 exists. CAT2 may come in the future but the main point is, while still valid, they are not called “CAT Tokens”

Calling them CAT tokens would imply “Chia Asset Tokens Tokens”

If anything they would be called CAT’s or CAT {insert coin name here} tokens.

Not confusing at all 😂

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