How to Access Proxmox Web GUI Remotely Using SSH

A quick guide on connecting to your Proxmox Web UI remotely using Tailscale and SSH.
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This is a real quick one. Let’s say you want to access your Proxmox Web UI, eg at but you need access remotely. If you can SSH you can use a tunnel to forward the Proxmox UI to the remote machine you are using. I will be using Tailscale because it’s super stable and has a good user interface for managing your connected machines. Tailscale is just a frontend for WireGuard and it’s free for up to 50 devices.

Step 1

We will install Tailscale to give your Proxmox machine a public IP address using the command below. If you want to know more about the features of Tailscale visit the docs here.

SSH into your Proxmox instance, if you don’t have public access try to connect to any one of your virtual machines or containers in the Proxmox host then ssh into your Proxmox host from there. When you get to the Proxmox host shell, input the command below to install Tailscale.

curl -fsSL | sh

After tailscale is installed type:

tailscale up

You will be presented with a verification link, open it and sign into your Tailscale account.

Tailscale Admin Interface

You should see your machine has connected, then just install Tailscale on your local machine and we can connect to the Tailscale IP.

Step 2

After that we can proceed to tunnel our SSH connection from Proxmox to our local machine using our tailscale IP address.

ssh root@ -L 8006:

You should now be able to visit and see your Proxmox Web UI.

Proxmox Web UI over SSH


Now you should be able to access your Proxmox GUI from a simple SSH command.

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