How to Set up a Dashboard for Chia Farming

Use NodeJS to install a Chia dashboard in just a few clicks

Chia Dashboard is a great tool to help you visualise your Chia farming. It is well known by now that the GUI is buggy and performance using the CLI is infinitely better. Unfortunately there isnt much information to see immediately without sending more commands to see the outputs.

That is where Chia Dashboard comes in handy because it gives you a really nice visual representation of your chia node in realtime.

Setup is really simple and only requires a few commands.

First install Node from

nodejs mainpage
Nodejs Website

Once downloaded, install it. At the end the installer will give you the option to install some extra addons, this is up to you but I selected yes. This may take some time to install but you can continue anyway just open the Nodejs command line from the start menu.

node command prompt
NodeJS command prompt

Once that has opened we can install the dashboard with the command

npm install --global chia-dashboard-satellite

NPM will download all the required packages.

Once that is installed head over to and log in. Once done open up satellites and give it a name

add new satellite
Chia Satellites Dashboard

You will be presented with an API key as shown below

api key
Chia Dashboard Satellite API key

Now to back to your Node command line. Enter the following command:


You will be asked for the API key that was generated when you created a satellite on the dashboard. Enter it and your dashboard will be connected to your node and will pump out stats in realtime!

To update Chia Dashboard simply type

npm update -g chia-dashboard-satellite

And we are finished! Give it a couple of seconds to initialise and you should see some lovely data.

chia dashboard


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