OpenMediaVault Installation on Raspberry Pi 4 B+ 8GB

To install OpenMediaVault first download the Raspberry OS Lite from the Raspberry Pi Downloads Page.

You will also need

  • An SD Card 8GB Minimum
  • An External Hard Drive For NAS Storage and to store OpenMediaVault data.
  • Ethernet connection to your Raspberry Pi
pi os page

Flash the image to your chosen SD Card using Raspberry Pi Imager found on the Official Raspberry Pi Website

Word of note: Many guides claim that OpenMediaVault needs a monitor attached through the installation but this is not true so we can go ahead and eject and reinsert our SD card and create the file called “ssd” without quotes and without a file extension, save it and we can now log into the Raspberry Pi via SSH at first boot and perform the installation from there.

If you are worried, go ahead and install screen that will keep your commands running even if your SSH connection gets cut.

sudo apt install screen

Now start a new screen by typing


Now you can start the installation without worrying about your SSH connection getting dropped. If you r connection does get dropped simply log back in and type

screen -r

And your previous session will be restored!

Once your Raspberry Pi has finished its initial boot and stopped on the command line we can proceed to update and install OpenMediaVault.

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade -y

Now everything is upgraded we are ready to install OpenMediaVault but first we need to enter a command to prepare our filesystem for installation.

sudo rm -f /etc/systemd/network/

Now we can finally proceed to the OpenMediaVault installation after a reboot

sudo reboot

Once your pi has booted you can go ahead and connect again via SSH and we will execute a one line script that will install OpenMediaVault.

wget -O - | sudo bash

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