Setting up DockSTARTer on Raspberry Pi 4

DockSTARTer is a great way to easily install apps using Docker and Docker Compose

Some base commands to get the system updated and ready for docker.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
sudo apt-get install curl git
sudo reboot

Once those packages have installed and you have rebooted, switch the iptables to legacy because debian uses nftables by default. One command per line.

(check your iptables with)

sudo iptables -L

Set the iptables to legacy mode for Docker compatibility.

$ sudo update-alternatives --set iptables /usr/sbin/iptables-legacy
$ sudo update-alternatives --set ip6tables /usr/sbin/ip6tables-legacy
$ sudo update-alternatives --set arptables /usr/sbin/arptables-legacy
$ sudo update-alternatives --set ebtables /usr/sbin/ebtables-legacy

Your iptables should now look like this

 Chain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)
 target     prot opt source               destination

 Chain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)
 target     prot opt source               destination

 Chain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)
 target     prot opt source               destination

Installing Docker & Dockstarter. We will be installing Docker as referenced in the Official Convenience Script

curl -fsSL -o
sudo sh

Add pi user to docker group

sudo usermod -aG docker pi

After install of docker do a reboot to be safe.

sudo reboot

Now finally install the DockSTARTer Script

bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

And a final reboot

sudo reboot

To start DockSTARTer all you need to do is type


Now to setting up and configuration.

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