Speed Up Chia Plotting by up to 30%

Use a custom Chiapos and the time taken to produce one plot reduces drastically.

It has been a couple of weeks at least since mainnet now and we are still trying to get the most from our Chia plotting rigs but up until now there wasn’t really any code released, (not publicly anyway) that will speed up the plot times. There are various reasons why plotting using the standard Chia software IS slower but i wont go into that here. Just know that this code is better and should be implemented ASAP.

The Reddit user Deep-Channel-46 has edited the Chiapos configuration which in my testing gave much smoother phases and consistent results.

plotting speed chart
Credit to /u/Deep-Channel-46/

We need to first open our terminal and type

python3 -V

You should get your python version. You will need to know this to make sure you download the correct file. The downloads are linked here for convenience, please go to Deep-Channel-46 GitHub page to download the file yourself.

Once you have downloaded the .whl file we need to open a terminal and activate our Chia virtual environment (venv).

cd to your chia folder

cd chia-blockchain

and start the environment using

. ./activate

In the chia Virtual Environment (venv) run 

pip install "WHL-FILE".whl


pip install /users/<user>/Downloads/chiapos-1.0.2.dev1-cp38-cp38-manylinux2010_x86_64.whl

That will install the custom Chiapos. Just a couple more things to finish up..

Modify setup.py in chia-blockchain folder.

cd chia-blockchain
sudo nano setup.py

Change the required Chiapos configuration from




Save and close the setup.py file. Now plotting will run as the requirements will be satisfied. If we did not do this that would not be the case and plotting would stop saying “Requires Chiapos 1.0.2”.

Now open your plotter and start plotting, you will notice a different start but everything stays the same but the speeds improve massively.

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