The Fastest Way to Transfer Chia Plots

Using Netcat you can speed up your plots while transferring them over your local network.

By now i’m sure you have heard that to maximise plot speed you should include a fast destination drive instead of a slow HDD for your Chia plots, then transfer them manually or through automated scripts to do the job for you.

Writing a script can be complicated and not for everyone so the alternative is to manually send the .plot files to your harvesters.

This short tutorial will show you how to send and receive files from one Ubuntu system to another but should also work for transferring files in WSL2.

Install Netcat

First we will install Netcat on both machines, First we will set up the receiving server, then we will set up the sending computer.

Run this command on both machines.

sudo apt-get install netcat pv

Change to root

sudo su

On the receiving computer navigate to the folder you want to receive the files to.

cd /home/user/your-harvester-plots-folder

Open up the Netcat receiver. This command will compress and send any files within the folder from which it is ran.

netcat -l -p 7000 | pv | tar x

This starts up a little indicator where you can see whats transferring.

Now move to the sending computer and change to root

sudo su

Now navigate to your finished .plot file directory.

cd /home/user/destination-ssd-plot-folder

Run the send command that will automatically compress and send every plot to the receiver.

tar cf - * | pv | netcat 7000

Replace the IP with the IP of the receiving computer and watch the files fly!

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