View Your Chia Node Logs in Realtime

A simple and free solution to realtime log monitoring.

Viewing your logs is a great way to diagnose problems and give you better insight to your Chia Harvesters, Farmers and Full Node’s.

Firstly, finding an application that will give you a basic realtime output of your log files are there but they cost money and not everyone is able to or knows how to set up a log parser. Luckily it can be easily achieved using Notepad++ and a simple plugin.

If you haven’t already, download Notepad++

Click the link, go to the download section and install.

Open Notepad++ and click plugins>open plugins folder.

notepad++ plugins
Open Notepad++ Plugin folder

Create a folder named DocMonitor.

Download the plugin and install it. You may need to go to your plugin admin to enable it.

DocMonitor Plugin Download:

Place the dll files into the DocMonitor folder within the plugins directory.

Enable the plugin

notepad plugins admin

Now simply open the log file you need. For chia that will be in


go to plugins > Document Monitor > Start Monitoring

Now you can view all yoru logs in real time. This is particularly good when connecting harvesters to the main node as this information is not shown in the GUI.

If you are not seeing any updates make sure you change your log level to INFO in your config.yaml.

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