How to Output Chia Plotting to Log Files in Powershell

Chia CLI on Windows Powershell does not output to any log files by default. Here's how to do it.

Chia plotting is the process of creating a plot file and then sending the plot to the farmer to be farmed. If you are like me you will have multiple nodes, maybe some are Windows and some are Linux but when it comes to plotting performance each system has clear advantages over the other. This is why using the GUI plotter can be very inneficient on Windows and after a while you will gravitate towards the CLI (command line) version.

This is where we have a problem.. The CLI version does not output to logs so we cannot use software like a plot manager to see our phase times.

Thankfully there is a simple solution that will output the whole of the process to a file that can then be parsed by a log viewer.

To output to a file:

command | Tee-Object -FilePath C:\Users\<username>\Documents\log1.log

For example a chia command for a k32 plot with 4GB RAM would look like this:

chia plots create -k 32 -b 4000 -t /path/to/temporary/directory -d /path/to/final/directory | Tee-Object -FilePath C:\Users\<username>\Documents\log1.log

If you need to save an output that has already completed simply type:

Get-Content -Path c:\Users\Documents\log.txt

Now you have log files that can be parsed using other utilities like Chia Plot Status!

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