Kali-Pi on Raspberry Pi Zero W and Installing Nexmon Drivers.

Installing Kali-Pi on Raspberry Pi Zero W and installing the new Nexmon driver set.

My own working method current as of 14th February 21 for installing and setting up Kali Pi on Raspberry Pi Zero W and updating the drivers with the new drivers to enable monitor mode. Plus as a side bonus our device does not have to disconnect from the internet to enable monitor mode.

First download the Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi 0 – armel edition from whitedome.com.au.


Once downloaded open Raspberry Pi Imager. You can download from


Open and write the image to a SD card and prepare it for the Raspberry Pi

pi imager

Indert the SD card into your Pi Zero and boot. I would suggest booting from the HDMI cable at the first boot.

Once you have reached the login page use

username: root
password: toor

It has also been known that sometimes dependant on how you installed kali and which version, need to enter

username: kali
password: kali

Once logged in we begin the update progress first. Do not do apt update or upgrade yet. First type these commands 1 per line.

sudo su
cd /usr/local/src
wget  -O re4son-kernel_current.tar.xz https://re4son-kernel.com/download/re4son-kernel-current/
tar -xJf re4son-kernel_current.tar.xz
cd re4son-kernel_4*

Those commands will download and install the new firmware and drivers allowing monitor mode! 👍👍

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